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Tune in to ‘ Talk Da Talk ‘ podcast with Favour Lemah in Nigeria Covering topics from feminism, friendship, relationships, mental health, politics to gossips and more!!!

dating site in nigeria

Dating site in Nigeria series

Episode 1 Episode 2 “Why women cannot bag a Prince charming” with guest speaker Oladokun Osunbote. Prince charming is a suitor who fulfills every lady’s dreams. Ola tells listeners there are two important things to take into consideration during courtship. The second point should blow your mind. “No one can ever get a perfect prince”,

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big brother Naija s6

Big Brother Naija 2021 podcast

Episode 1 Big brother Naija 2021 podcast is a starting series on Talk da Talk. Favour lemah, podcast host, features Faith Lemah, Hadash and Nnamdi to give unfiltered opinions on this season housemates. My guest speakers have been on the show quite a number of times to talk about the big brother naija show. They

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analyzing blue therapy

Analyzing Blue Therapy Casts

Episode 1 Blue therapy series and cast is the trending topic lately. Talk da Talk features four guest speakers on the show to analyze the popular series, Blue Therapy and its cast. The reality series which has been an internet sensation over the last couple of weeks caught the heart of our listeners. Talk da

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how to play politics in nigeria

Politics in Nigeria with Father Ab

Episode 1 Politics in Nigeria with a new guest speaker, Esedere Abraham popularly known as Father AB. He educates listeners on the major tips and mindset to go into politics. Father Ab says he can liken politics as a science. Hence, he explains his political journey to listeners. For that reason how he has been

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social media wahala


Watch us on YouTube talk about social media wahala. The video is about seven minutes long. I also dialogue the good and bad of social media Instagram celebrities. I explain how I got blocked online on Instagram by a popular Instagram icon “Joro“. Have you ever been blocked by a celebrity? In the vlog, you

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sexual assault

What is sexual assault ? with Ola on Talk da Talk

Episode 1 “What is sexual assault?” a dialogue with Ola on the show. We discussed what exactly is sexual abuse? The rudiments of sexual assault and elaborated more on the term “micro-aggression”. Ola believes women misuse this term for the purpose of sexual assault. “Women do not know how to take jokes anymore” -he says.

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how to identify an online scam in 2021

How to Identify a Scam and Scam numbers.

Episode 1 How to Identify a Scam and scam numbers podcast is necessary. This is because of the increasingly high scam numbers daily. I narrate my experience on how I got scammed a day before Valentine. I share tips on the signs I neglected during the scam. This series explains a new type of scam

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Talk da valentine valentines day

Valentine gift ideas podcast

Episode 1 Valentine gift ideas podcast Question & Answer by podcaster, Favour lemah. Talk da Talk featured six guests to ask them random questions starting from best Valentine gift ideas received and given. The guests are also asked to narrate the best and worst valentines day experience. My guests hilarious response and shocking reveal is

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Everything I know in the music business ~Moral Allen

Episode 1 Talk da Talk podcast brings a new guest speaker, Moral Allen to speak on the music business. Moral Allen on this episode gives listeners everything you need to know about the music business in Nigeria. Moral started out as a passion for gospel music before finally diving into the music business. We talk

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