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Tune in to ‘ Talk Da Talk ‘ podcast with Favour Lemah in Nigeria Covering topics from feminism, friendship, relationships, mental health, politics to gossips and more!!!

ASUU strike 2020 update-kikiowo ayoade - kikiowo ayoade

ASUU Strike 2020 update -KIKIOWO AYOADE

Episode 1 Every student of a Federal University in Nigeria is concerned and asked questions for ASUU strike 2020 update. However, Federal schools re-opening in the country is a big deal in 2020. Talk da Talk podcast brings a special guest, Kikiowo Ayoade to speak on the roles the Student union has played on schools

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erica in the big brother's house

Erica’s disqualification in big brother house

Episode 1 Listen to us discuss how Erica’s character in the big brother naija house has caused her to be disqualified . Talk da talk podcast features three guest speakers Cherish, Hadash and Nnamdi to analyze Erica’s disqualification in the big brother house. She is the first housemate to be disqualified in the bbnaija lockdown

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What is rape podcast

What is Rape podcast?

Episode 1 Rape has been a topic which we have shed a little light upon in previous podcasts such as Feminism and why I am a feminist.Talk da Talk discuss Rape on today’s podcast with Raphael Folorunsho who explains in details what rape means and what can be termed to be rape. He his an

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Students do not want school reopening ~ Nnamdi

Students do not want school reopening ~ Nnamdi

Episode 1 Talk da Talk podcast features Nnamdi to speak on the indefinite asuu strike which is the major reason for school reopening. Nnamdi laments on how the Nigerian Students are acting towards the ASUU strike . As well as the lackadaisical attitude most student have towards school reopening. Moreover, some students still blame the

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Favour Lemah talks about toxic relatonship on talk da talk

Toxic Relationship signs Talk da Talk vlog  Favour lemah talks about  toxic relationship signs  to identify when dating a Nigerian in 2020.  These are harmful important signs you should not joke about. 

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9girl codes every Lady should know. Host: Favour Lemah featuring guest speaker Faith Lemah

9 Girl code Every Lady Should know in 2020

Episode 1 Talk da Talk podcast gives 9 girl codes every lady should know in 2020. Favour Lemah, host features guest speaker, Faith. Faith explains what the girl code means for all Ladies. “The girl codes is all about women supporting women” ,- Faith. These are important lady rules every woman needs to know. During

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why i am a feminist~ Francisisca

What is Feminism on Talk da Talk~ Francisca

Episode 1 Talk da Talk host Favour Lemah invites a guest speaker, Francisca a Feminist. We discuss “what is feminism” in today’s world. She gives her reasons for supporting the feminist movement. Meanwhile, Francisca emphasizes on how Twitter famous feminist have given feminist a bad name by clout chasing. This has made people forget what

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Ola's view on lekki genocide

Nigerian Feminist are noisemakers ~ Oladokun Osunbote

Episode 1 Talk da Talk brings on a very controversial speaker ,Oladokun Osunbote who doesn’t believe in today’s Feminism gospel. Ola believes Nigerian Feminist are noisemakers. They have no true cause to fight for equality in the present day Nigeria. He tells the listeners that the Nigerian constitution does not discriminate against women therefore “what

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