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Tune in to ‘ Talk Da Talk ‘ with Favour Lemah Covering topics from feminism, friendship, relationships to gossips and more!!

analyzing blue therapy

Analyzing Blue therapy episodes

Episode 1 Talk da Talk has features four guest speakers on the show to analyze the popular series, Blue Therapy. The reality series which has been an internet sensation over the last couple of weeks. The guest speakers Faith, Soreoluwa , Glory and Joshua come together to give their own reaction to the blue therapy

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father ab ft favourlemah

How to play Politics

Episode 1 A new guest speaker, Esedere Abraham popularly known as Father AB, discuss How to play Politics. He gives listeners major tips and the correct mindset to go into politics. Hence, he explains his political journey to listeners. For that reason how he has been able to win past elections. Therefore, Esedere Abraham believes

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What is sexual assault ? with Ola on Talk da Talk

Episode 1 My guest speaker, Ola, a frequent guest on the show joined us to discuss, what is sexual assault? We talk on the rudiments of sexual assault and chose to elaborate more on the term “micro-aggression”. Ola believes women misuse this term for the purpose of sexual assault. “Women just do not know how

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how to identify an online scam in 2021

How to identify a Scam in 2021

Episode 1 How to identify a scam on Talk da Talk podcast with host , Favour Lemah. I narrate my experience on how I got scammed a day before Valentine. I share tips on the signs I neglected during the scam. This series explains a new type of scam targeted at young women between the

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Talk da valentine valentines day

Talk da Valentine

Episode 1 Talk da Valentine Q & A with Favour Lemah. Talk da Talk featured six guests to ask them random questions starting from their best Valentine’s day to the worst Valentine’s Day. My guests hilarious response and shocking reveal is a must listen too. Don’t hesitate to drop your best and Valentine’s Day. Episode

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The way forward in Nigeria ~ Amosu

Episode 1 Amosu an invited guest on the show gives Talk da Talk podcast the way forward with Nigeria. Amosu a political enthusiast used to clamour for revolution in the country but this came with a change of heart. He realized Nigeria isn’t ready for a revolution. He goes on further to talk about the

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Everything I know in the music business ~Moral Allen

Episode 1 Talk da Talk podcast brings a new guest speaker, Moral Allen to speak on the music business. Moral Allen on this episode gives listeners everything you need to know about the music business in Nigeria. Moral started out as a passion for gospel music before finally diving into the music business. We talk

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can a prostitute make a good wife

Can a Prostitute make a good wife?

Episode 1 The first guest speaker to speak on the show is Tegaski. Tegaski has given listeners everything they need to know on the bro code and why he believes patriarchy will always beat feminism. Tegaski believes a prostitute being a good wife is dependent on the reason why she went into prostituition in the

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