analyzing blue therapy

Analyzing Blue therapy episodes

Episode 1

Talk da Talk has features four guest speakers on the show to analyze the popular series, Blue Therapy. The reality series which has been an internet sensation over the last couple of weeks. The guest speakers Faith, Soreoluwa , Glory and Joshua come together to give their own reaction to the blue therapy cast. Moreover, my guest pick sides with their favorite reality star and explains how they could reason with Chioma, Paul, Jamal and Debrah’s shoes. We just want to know if men are scum or this is how relationships should be like?

Episode 2

This episode focused on Debrah’s (Blue therapy) entitlement to Jamal (Blue therapy) money by constantly asking for gifts. As a result, I ask my guest one on one, how would they react if their partner asks “What are you bringing to the table?”. Glory, a guest, believes Debra’s is too snoopy and needs to get a life and start acting unavailable. That should help her stop obsessing over Jamal’s attitude and expectations. We would love listeners to let us know if they believe it is rude for a partner to ask you what you are bringing to the table.

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