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Talk da Talk podcast- Christianity as a Religion

Episode 1

Talk da Talk podcast brings back a controversial guest speaker Oladokun Osunbote. Ola has been featured on a podcast called Nigerian Feminist are noisemakers. Likewise on this podcast, he makes new claims talking about how Religion possesses more power when it is being practiced in the original dialect when communicating with the deity. Moreover, Ola narrows it down to the history of Christianity and how we practice it in English. Listen to this controversial topic to understand Ola’s ideology on this webinar. Do you agree with him? Tell us in the comment section.

Episode 2

This segment on talk da talk podcast with Ola, we discuss the different types of religion and how they interact with the deity in their language. He makes emphasis that power is available to anybody and who knows how to go after the power. “People sought after this power to be able to what they want” – Ola. However, Favour lemah debates the risk of people having access to power on this episode. He then goes on to say he believes people have limited access to power because they do not communicate with the deity in the language they deity understands or originates. In addition, he uses Yoruba incantations to the to cite an example . The potency of the power it carries has no weight in English as the original dialect. Listen now!

24 thoughts on “Talk da Talk podcast- Christianity as a Religion”

  1. What you do with your religion matters either being a traditional worshiper,christian,or Muslim..we know the church is divided heard deeper life member finds it difficult to get married to winners..how crazy is that

  2. Valid point @not expecting others to agree with you by default when you discuss based on your own Bible.
    Whilst not all religions openly teach about a particular deity, some indeed proclaim their deity and the deities are not the same. A popular example is -the Muslim Allah is not the same as the Christian YHWH.
    I am waiting for the part where you talk about the potency being different when in the original dialect.

    1. and what do you think about the likelihood that we are Christians today because of our colonial masters or the fact that the religion is owned by the world power and the owners of media, So just incase they missed colonizing you, they will not miss putting in on you screen at every turn or in every music or film….

      1. I think it would be hard to argue against that point. Colonization may have contributed quite a lot.
        And your mention of social media today is valid too. Even if the country is not a world power, ‘social media power’ counts massively these days.

      1. Oh, okay! Sure, not only Christianity.
        We don’t know about the love part though. lol

        Meanwhile, there are issues around which are myths vs reportedly true events. For instance, many experts would argue the Horus story is a myth as compared to the YHWH story which is claimed to be a historical event.

        Pardon me if this is beginning to sound too serious and becoming a religion debate. I suppose I should pause here.

        Waiting for the real deal at next release then.

        1. please dont there.. and apologies not required…😁😀 and I never knew there were arguments about the Horus stories I wonder how I forgot the Egyptian deity stories it’s one on my favorite “Ra” father of seth yeah… am I right…. and i never knew Horus was Compared to Yaweh…

  3. All religions are birth from one God, they all just have their own characters which trails them back to the same God. The Concept of Good and evil are both sides of the same coin and every human on earth possesses this coin regardless of whatever religion he/she trails to God. The goal is to have a balance between good and evil. in as much as you’re still in your human form, you are as much good as you are evil and vice varsa regardless of whatever religion you are trailing.

    1. I like this Mr Duyi, your angle is one God birth all these religion… let me agree with you for a moment yeah? my question is this which God birth all these religions and please quota a reference… thanks…please note I am not opposing your thoughts cheers

      1. Yes, to ask which God is to say there are several, there is only but one God, but has been given many names over the course of history and varying religions. When you cut across religions from hinduism, buddhism, taoism, confucianism, judaism, Christianity, islam(to mention a few) the basis of the majority is LOVE FOR YOUR FELLOW MAN, to not have this love is where the devil or better still concept of the devil comes to play and of course the name varies across religions too. Like i said earlier you can’t kill the devil(evil) you can only resist regardless of your religion, likewise can you kill love(good) you can only resist too, they are both two sides of the same energy whom is GOD, to have this balance is to become Godlike, cause God is balance. Every of his creation has a counter balance, look around you.

        1. Interesting thoughts. @Duyi

          Does not this bring up the question: you have said there is only one God. (And to clarify, you mean an actual being/personality? Or is it like a vague energy form or ubiquitous universal/collective force?). Some say there are many gods.
          Do we then say they are wrong; and they are only worshipping one god despite their own belief they are worshipping different gods?

          They may as well look at you and say your own single God is just one god out of many. You only think there’s just one God from your own limited perspective.

          Who is right? 🙂

          1. Yes @shadows i do mean an actual being, not vague but genuine energy and universal force like you put it. Indeed i am of limited perspective and so is every other man too, i am not balloting being right no, far from it. I am shedding light on whats already visible. Which is we are all good as we are evil regardless of our respective religions. So a christian claiming his God is supreme is as much right as an Hindi who claims the same. But they are both delt the same hand of balance for good and evil over the course of their human existence. The same islam that centers around love and peace beggets major terrorist extremists in the world. The same Christianity that centers around love aswell beggets many judgmental extremists in the world. Its the same down to our motherland’s religions as well, ifa(orumila) is consulted to fore tell
            Future events which can be alighed with or averted depending on the status quo, the same orumila can also be consulted for future events like when to make peace or to make war. Not to move out of context we are all the same, created in the image of God, if not one single religion in the world can purge a man totally of evil no matter how little then who is right?

            Balance is the answer, be true to your own religion at the same time not demeaning that of another knowing fully well that he is fighting the battle for balance as much as you are. This understanding grows love for our fellow men(which is a fact i established earlier is the basis for majority of religions) and for God aswell, in return makes the world a better place as it could be.

        2. @Duyi.. I am so enlightened at to the Good and evil concept which is the truth of the matter. So, weather our God is the almighty God or not, the concept of good and evil does exit in what ever religion we choose. I totally agree with you on that… But you are very diplomatic in evading to answer who the almighty God that birth other religion is…. I could deduce that you are giving all religions the right to say that their God is the almighty God.. A view which I really respect… and I liked it when you said you are not balloting being right… the truth is one can never be too sure about these things… Cheers

  4. Mr Ola’s opinion is very valid and we can understand it much better if we break it down to the family level. Most people are members of a religion because they were born into it. I’m a Christian because my family believes in Christianity, if I was born into a Muslim family, I’d probably be a Muslim today, the same thing goes for the traditional worshippers.

    It doesn’t now seem right for me to label an Ifa worshipper as a bad person, when I know that I could have been in his shoes if my parents were Ifa worshippers.

  5. Every believer of religion would definitely see his God as the superior one. Christians see God as the Almighty one, Muslims see Allah as the Almighty one. That’s fine
    No one should now enforce one on the other. No religion has the monopoly of “my God is the almighty” lol.

  6. To further support Mr Ola’s opinion on the role of colonialism. The Middle East was a Christian region. Christianity even originated from the Middle East. It wasn’t the Muslim region we know as of today.
    But the Middle Eastern countries were colonized by Arab armies hence their being Muslim countries today. The Arab armies colonized that region through massive violence and war.

    As it is now, most people born in the region would automatically be Muslims. That’s Mr Ola’s point

    1. @Eniolaoluwa… you just nail it on the head… the northern region was colonized by the Arabian and that’s why they worship the Arabian God today and we were colonized by the and another thing like you mentioned we cannot call other religion bad and say our religion is the only way to a peaceful heaven… “Jesus is the only way to heaven” that means every other person who do not believe in Jesus will go to hell… I think this is too steep a statement to make

      1. But colonization by the Arabs was not political like that of the Britain.. it was strictly trade from the Arabs….and later they introduced the religious to them and the campaign for Jihad started and there was the full islamisation of the northern Nigeria

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