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dating site in nigeria series

Dating site in Nigeria series

Episode 1

This series starts with Tegaski as he opens up with podcast host, Favour Lemah on pros and cons of the dating site in Nigeria. On this episode, we discuss the experience of dating a legal guy in Nigeria. The dating site in Nigeria is fuming with generous fraudsters making it quite challenging. The peer pressure to maintain the relationship due to funds can be disturbing. This is caused by the declining standard of living of the economy. Let us know in the comments, your experience to losing a partner due to funds? In as much as, this might be your first time listening to Tegaski . Tegaski has been a frequent guest. He has discussed topics like the bro code, why he believes in patriarchy, can a prostitute make a good wife? .

Episode 2

“Why women cannot bag a Prince charming” with guest speaker Oladokun Osunbote. Prince charming is a suitor who fulfills every lady’s dreams. Ola tells listeners there are two important things to take into consideration during courtship. The second point should blow your mind. “No one can ever get a perfect prince”, Ola. The dating format in Nigeria has people in the middle class moving towards men that are successful or elite. This seems to be what is affecting the dating game in the country. Ola has featured on previous podcast such as Nigerian feminist are noisemakers, Christianity as a religion, What exactly is sexual assault , Lekki genocide and many more.

Episode 3

Talk da Talk podcast controversial guest speaker ,Ola advices women not to leave their partners for cheating scandals. Since a lot of men cheat and the probability you are going to leave your man for another cheating partner is eighty percent. The new man is just way better at hiding it- he says. We debate on the belief that until now “women are beginning to adopt the toxic nature of men”. For that reason, women are just trying to spite the other gender.

Episode 4

The podcast dialogue focused on leadership roles in relationship. This comes with intelligence of both partners especially the man in the relationship. Ola says he believes women should marry women they can submit to men. Also, he claims that women who think their men are faithful should dig deeper and would find out the truth. In conclusion, Ola says a man with a side chick is not cheating but a woman with a side nigga is cheating.

Episode 5

Men always have fantasies to have sex with different women daily. Women do not have those kind of fantasies. These are Ola’s arguing statement to why cheating is not natural for women. In addition, men who oppose that staying faithful men do not just have enough women to tempt them. This is the last episode with Ola. Let us know what you think about Ola’s advice on a successful relationship?

Episode 6

The mistakes men and women make in relationships with guest speaker King Adoniz. He brings a new approach to views contrary to previous guest. “A successful relationship or marriage all begins and end with the man” – King Adoniz. In addition, he says all men should treat a relationship like a business. Listen to Feminism and Culture featuring King Adoniz.

Episode 7

King Adoniz comes for men and the numerous mistakes they commit in relationships. He however elaborates on how partners can work detect and work on each others flaws. Not to mention how research has shown that people tend to pick partners who provide the things they lacked during their childhood.

Episode 8

Self respect is an important quality in a high value man. King Adoniz chides men to be very selective with the kind of women they have sexual relations. “Men really need to have self discipline to be better. Most men would rather than excuse their lack of sexual discipline instead of working on their weaknesses. There is a reason why you could grow it and women couldn’t”- King Adoniz.

Episode 9

The dating site in Nigeria series is back guest speaker Ola. He is here for his attackers and haters. However, this time he has some audios to back up his claims. This audio buttress that man is not monogamous by nature but it is as a result of the economy. He believes the economy is the reason you see a lot of men sticking to one woman.

Episode 10

This dialogue with Ola on how difficult it is to stay faithful as a man. “It is a constant battle I fight everyday. It is how long can I keep fighting this eventually I know I’ll crack” – Ola. People need to stop saying there are comfortable rich men that will not crack. It has not happened does not mean it still would not. The dialogue hence ” Men cannot stay faithful”


23 thoughts on “Dating site in Nigeria series”

  1. “It’s better to cry in Dubai than to cry in Dugbe”. That was the highlight ??

    Wonderful podcast to be honest, always fun to listen.

  2. Oladokun is an intelligent guy. Hopefully his would come back for more explanation on the area he said “men don’t cheat when they sleep with girls”. Hope there is a restriction cos married men took an oath. I believe there still going to be another episode on this. Favour pls is there no way audience can ask guest speakers questions directly cos there are many questions lingering my heart.

    1. Valid point on the oath and i do not subscribe to having sex with another while you are in an exclusive or married relationship. My point is, a man can sincerely love and respect his woman and still want to fling another woman. The real cheating begins when that man plans to use the woman he is sleeping with to replace his wife.
      Quick scenario;
      One man has 5 side chicks but remains with his wife and 3 children
      The other has 1 side chick and kicks out his wife and 3 children in order to marry the side chick.
      Let me ask you a question.
      Should these 2 man be punished the same way

      1. Cheating is a sin before God no explanation or reason can justify it. If we can have Enoch (we call them brother) among us then is possible not to cheat

        1. I did not know this is now a religious discussion…?… just Extremely low percentage is my point…. and more importantly don’t leave your prince charming because he slept with a tramp girl….


  3. Hello Good afternoon.
    Mr Ola saying Women ACCEPT men sleeping with another woman isn’t cheating to me is a wrong thing to say. Cheating is Cheating, you trying to coin the word cheating to suit your agenda isn’t acceptable.

    When a man cheats he they are factors to it, lack of control of his penis, the society, early exposure to sexual activities, being financially buoyant, being abused when little amongst other’s.
    Rather it should be a woman’s decision whether she wants to leave the man for being unfaithful or she wants to stick with him.
    The people men cheat with are equally WOMEN, and they sleep with these man based on what ever benefits and not emotions, some married women who cheat on their husbands do not do so cause of they are emotionally attached to the person they are having sex with.

    It’s like saying the married woman is not cheating on her husband, she’s not just satisfied with the sexual intercourse she has with the husband.

    You also didn’t answer Favour’s question when she asked if a last cheats on her guy, he should understand she cheated because she has high libido but your response was you’re not blaming guys who cheat on their wives… She didn’t say she’s doing it because he did it but because she has high libido.

    Mr Ola that a man cheats on a lady before in his life does not mean when he meets a new person he would cheat on her.

    They are men who are faithful and are not Christian’s, you mentioned somewhere that God saved the man because he was not almost gay. They are straight men who are faithful.

    The society has refused to train the male child and making them feel they can get away with anything especially when they impregnate a lady. If then men were forced to marry who they impregnate which is wrong whether they like it or not they would be conscious of the consequences attached to it.

    If the society made a consequence of if a man cheat on his wife or girlfriend it would lead to castration whether or not he has children and the wive has the right to leave after he’s been castrated? Would you as a man cheat knowing this consequence?

    You also mentioned somewhere that men need to be sexually attracted to a lady for penetration to occur, how also would a lady or four ladies walk up to you that she wants to have sex with you and you’ll still also be excited like you mentioned earlier. Obviously it isn’t only attraction that makes men have sex, Lack of control and self respect.

    That a woman is at menopause doesn’t mean she also can’t have sex, cheating isn’t about having kids.

    Trying to defend what cheating is and what it’s not is like saying:
    ” I don’t smoke, I only take shisha to
    I cheat not because I don’t love you but because I have high libido?!!!!.”

    When a man is broke you said they do not think of cheating, so it it that their CONTROL for sex suddenly got activated and when they have money it switches off. So you’re saying if most men were poor we would have more faithful men.

    Finally, Mr Ola mentioned that going for a lady that he was initially just smashing for fun to later wanting to marry her is because he let his standard’s down??!!!!.
    Firstly, such a man doesn’t have a standard to start with by already cheating.
    Secondly he cheating with her already already shows that is his standard.
    How is it that when he is not planning to marry her his standard’s are High, but when he changes his mind to marry her then he brought his standard down??.

  4. OMG MISS/MRS JOLA… I SWEAR I DON’T WHERE TO START FROM… please note i do not subscribe to sleeping with another while you are in a committed relationship. I am only trying to say that we can sincerely love our woman and still want to fling another woman. It’s a man thing you will never understand so i will not try and explain.??

    The topic was finding prince charming, all my point was that you can find prince charming but not prince perfect and i listed some of these imperfections, and the justifications is to let you ladies know that we do not do these things to deliberately want to hurt you ladies.

    About consequences you mentioned earlier the grow figures daily in the incarceration and correctional facilities will tell you that likely consequences of a particular act or crime will not stop a man or woman from their basic instincts.

    You used words like
    Lack of self control
    Lack of self respect
    It’s called Unfaithful
    It’s called cheating

    Yes you are right and these are some of our imperfections. Some men are even abusive and violent.

    Ladies also have their imperfections and the hypocrisy in ladies is that they think their imperfections are causes by men’s toxicity nature overtime and also that their imperfections are less that men’s imperfections.

    We are all imperfect MISS/MRS Jola. Just dont leave your man cos he slept with a tramp girl, because the next man might be worse.

    when i said all men, i meant Extremely high percentage of men, i thought people already know there is no 100 % in majority of the things concerning human nature.

    Lastly the law says everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but in this case every man is guilty of sleeping with another until proven innocent…

    Again my point is not to justify any form of improper act. I am accepting our imperfections and i am saying we fight this urge every day some days we win and some days we loose and that even that day we lost, we still love and respect our wife.


  5. Does it mean men shd not be scolded for cheating because is a norms? Does it means no matter how a woman try to please her husband sexually, he will still cheat because is a norms?
    In such cases where is the the place of love and essence of vows ?

    If a man can control his sexual emotions when broke he must be able to control his sexual urge at any time.
    Likewise, constantly smashing of a girl can make a guy fall for the girl or hurt the girl cos such relationships is on a platform of lies which always result to future problem.
    Love doesn’t hurt but Cheating does. If man truly love his wife he would not cheat to hurt her.
    Lack of the fear of God can make a man to cheat. A God fearing man will not cheat because he wouldn’t want to hurt his own body which is the temple of God. Either married or not.

    Cheating men cheat not because they are wire that way but because they I. lack self control, ii. They didn’t love their spouse enough nor fear God.
    Society also contributed to this.
    Today, personal integrity and moral value is at stake. We are in a society where people call evil good and good evil, we all grew among the people who believes a male child does not need certain morals but only females does. Men receives special treatment from the society that gave them so much freedom of immorality . One out of numerous example is a man and a woman cheated but a woman receive the punishment and still suffers sexual transmission diseases from him. If a society has 80% cheaters then, who rears them? Parents suppose to be their children first teacher and inculcate MORAL VALUES in them, There should not be a gender discrimination when training a child. Moral education teach and help build up principles of good standard for a living and help children learn how to take responsibility for mistakes instead of receiving praises for wrong doing ?

    1. This is an Extremely broad topic you have in here and considering we stand on two different sides, it will be totally impossible for you to see things from my side and likewise me from your side…. Gender issues? There is never going to a meeting point for me and any gender advocate..?…

      I wonder why you are still repeating these things about cheating after me stating that i do not agree with sleeping with another person while in a committed relationship.

      And quoting the bible to defend a political or societal views does not sit well with me…what if am a Muslim, or a Buddhist, or traditionalist. Except you are say your religion is the ultimate religion and we all must abide by the rules in the bible…?

      Please this is about prince charming and like i will say again please don’t leave your man cos he slept with a tramp girl…. and sleeping with another while in a committed relationship is not what i agree with, i have said this over and over??

      I share few of your sentiments tho ..?

  6. Mr Ola you keep saying”don’t leave your man because he slept with a tramp girl”(derogatory)
    It’s easy to call the person they are sleeping with derogatory words but wouldn’t mention the men who do it such names, still promoting the promiscuous of men and bashing the women.

    So saying you don’t support it is null and void as it seems you’re speaking from two sides of your mouth.
    Please note the man himself also qualifies to be named that. Birds of same feather flocks together, he’s no better.

    Also advice men not to leave their girlfriends or wives if they are caught cheating because they can’t understand each other based on gender differences.
    Seems this is the best advice to make the world a better place.

    This statement of your could also be interpreted as women who bring Children out of wedlock isn’t right but it’s part of women’s imperfections and men should understand and not leave their wives or girlfriends because of that.

    1. Some of the hypocrisies of women is what you just displayed, you have qualified men with derogatory phrases and words in your previous post, you did not see anything wrong and now you pick out tramp girl, faulting me for using it…?

      And if you feel i am speaking with both sides of the mouth, this simply means that you have not been reading what i wrote.

      1. Please, you women can sleep with anybody you feel like it really not my concern.
      2. If you like forgive your men for cheating or not and if we like we won’t forgive our women for cheating, let every one do what they like.
      3. If you like leave your boyfriend for cheating, na you know..? I tire abeg

      And about how you interpret my statement i can’t fault you for that, people see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear, so please feel free to interpret my statement as it pleases you..?

      I drop my pen here Miss/Mrs Jola…? and if i sound a little unfriendly with my response, I apologize it’s tiring have to repeat things over and over. My view was just an advise it was not supposed to be a female referendum platform or an opportunity to demonize men.

  7. Apologies if I was rude. I wasn’t trying to be.
    You mentioned I was being hypocritical by using derogatory words in my earlier post, could you please state where and where I did.

    I’m not here trying to be hypocritical, were only having a conversation based on what we’ve said.

    You’re the one who’s used the word “tramp girl” and over not seen any of your comments using such for me” hypocritical?!!!”

    Men who have issues with sleeping around and look their women would not be hiding the fact that they sleep around from their partners, we only hide something we know we’re doing wrong.

    You’re not in the place to tell women not to leave their man because he cheated and he just wants to sleep around, but he still loves his woman.

    The woman or man should be the one to decide whether or not they want to keep the person.

    People make mistakes yes, but a continuous mistake?

    Lastly men stop cheating, women stop cheating.

    Deliberate Cheating is never part of the ups and down of marriage.

  8. Episode 4 is out today.
    @jola I would love to have you as a guest. If you don’t mind. Send a mail so we can link up!

  9. Well for every action there’s a consequence.
    When kids are not well trained, there are tendencies they become wayward. Hoodlums and the likes

    When someone cheats they are tendencies it breaks the relationship and marriage. Lack of trust, how would the children feel and think of you as their mom or dad etc.

    Mr Ola if you have kids and they ask you why you cheated on their mom.
    Would you tell them you respect men who cheat but don’t bring it home. “You respect their mom and love her” but you just have to cheat?

    If your wife should also cheat on you and you realize the kids aren’t yours, would you still respect the decision of your wive not bringing her outside relationship to your home?

    Someone who cheats unprovoked and still feels he respects his relationship or marriage, needs a therapist and not a relationship.

    If it’s something to be proud off, come out to your partners and tell them you cheated but you still love them.

    You mentioned something about who told dogs they need to mate with the female dogs, who also told the female dogs they need to allow a male dog stick something in their hole.

    Using animals as examples ain’t even it and that’s why God gave humans Brain.
    A man that wants to be the head of a house and wants a woman to submit to him doesn’t have the brain to control his penis or find help as regards being promiscuous.
    Being the head of a home is not by having penis.

    Being the head of a home isn’t even also about being the bread winner of the home.

    Everyone have what they are hiding, but trying to justify that thing you’re hiding because you can’t control your actions??.

    Let people decide for themselves if they want to leave their partners for cheating or not.

    1. Thanks Jola. You have said it all. I think Prince Charming should come and defend himself. Why are they mute ? Does it mean Ola is right?

      1. Madam Blessing, am sure it does not mean am right…. like i said on the last podcast. We are who were are all this fight can’t change us, you either take it or leave it ?.. am sure there is higher percentage of women can come to terms than men denying their basic instincts.

        We will still pay girls money to sleep with them.
        We will still sleep with different girls.
        Will will still leave the girls that sleep with another guy.

        If you don’t like it please leave us alone..

        As long as we are men breast, bum and thought of virginal will still turn us on… that is the nature of the man’s biology since the beginning of time. Few words from some female advocates will not change that.

        You guy will realize that by the time you get to 50, 60, 70, 80 years upward. You will realize that world as it concerns men will be worse than you met it…

        Do what you want and let us do what we want …

        The only unfortunate thing is that most of what you guys said did not talk about the topic, LIKE YOUR ADVICE ABOUT FINDING OR KEEPING PRINCE CHARMING…You guys left that and made it about the right of women, demonizing men and why what men do is not right….

        Please note, this is just one man’s opinion other men not might share “FEW” of these sentiments with me

        Cheers tho

  10. Women should have good self worth too.
    When some men wants to marry they go to marry a domestic lady and then cheat on their wives with a lady isn’t domesticated!!!
    Why not marry the person who isn’t domesticated and you’re attracted too.

    When you’re a good woman too and you leave a man for cheating, the man also would realise he lost his family or relationship.

    Having high sexual libido because of the genetic make up of a man is different from having multiple sexual partners.

    If you still want to hoe around and be community penises and vaginas, you don’t have business being in a relationship.
    Saying cheating is wrong and still confusing young boys to be comfortable with cheating ?.

    1. You saying all these make me feel you have not been reading my responses or listening to the audio..

      You can listen to the latest episode and hear what the woman has to say, maybe if coming from a woman you might understand


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