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The bro code list on Talk da talk ~Tegaski

Episode 1

Tegaski gives us the bro code list on today’s podcast. Meanwhile, Tegaski has been a guest on the show. He spoke on a very controversial topic called Feminism and Patriarchy. If you have not listened to that podcast, we really advice that you do. On this podcast, he gives certain important rules every guy should know on the bro code list. He insists not to overshare with the listeners as this is against the unwritten guy rules book. I manage to squeeze out the most important bro code out of him. By asking him certain questions of course, he spilled all necessary fact every lady and guy should know out there. He tells us what we ladies need to know about the guys because the bro’s will forever have each each other backs. However, there were some rules Tegaski did not agree with which other guys do not have a problem with. Tegaski believes a major deal breaker in the bro code, is that a bro should never have to date a bro’s sibling. We know some of you bro’s do not agree fully with Tegaski on this particular the bro list. Listen to this podcast now . Let us know if you think Tegaski is a real bro? Subscribe to drop your comments

11 thoughts on “The bro code list on Talk da talk ~Tegaski”

  1. Very entertaining podcast! I used to be a board member of the bro club.
    But I let my bro card expire when i got married years ago.
    Now I follow the wife code ?

  2. Professor Tegaski as usual giving us wonderful content. Another awesome and entertaining podcast?.
    May all bros adhere to the code. So help us God???

  3. quite interesting especially the not dating your friend’s sister… that angle makes a lot of sense…. and he also right snitching is dicey

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