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erica in the big brother's house

Erica’s disqualification in big brother house

Episode 1

Listen to us discuss how Erica’s character in the big brother naija house has caused her to be disqualified . Talk da talk podcast features three guest speakers Cherish, Hadash and Nnamdi to analyze Erica’s disqualification in the big brother house. She is the first housemate to be disqualified in the bbnaija lockdown 2020. Likewise, fans say Erica’s reaction was caused by Laycon gaslighting her in the big brother house. If you never watched the show and you need to have a picture of what happened in the bbnaija lockdown 2020? Listen now. If you did? Drop your comments and let us know if you agree with the guest speakers.

Episode 2

This episode talks about Erica’s attitude towards owning up to her bad decisions and actions she exhibited in the big brother house. Nnamdi’s says fans believe Erica’s disqualification in big brother house is as a result of her poor mental health. He believes Twitter users are trying to justify Erica’s actions in the big brother house. “Watching Erica’s breakdown was scary because she looked like she meant it”- Nnamdi. Hadash and Nnamdi agree that Kiddawaya and Trickytee are to blame for engaging Erica in discussions despite knowing how upset she was about the issues on ground. Do you agree with the guest speakers on this point? Leave a reply if you agree with Hadash and Nnamdi.

2 thoughts on “Erica’s disqualification in big brother house”

  1. Erica is a Good Girl the only difference between her and all other Girls is that she showed how most girls behaved on National TV that’s why they are crucifying her… I dont think any Nigeria Girl will pick off la la la of Laykon over The Rich Dude let’s face fact … Most girls have the Erica the saying ‘na who them catch be Thief ‘ almost all guys have been insulted by Girls for looking broke and so on na normal level people all cry if it’s a guy that insults a lady but to we guys na normal no be today that’s why he did not even react self baba don hear wetin pass that one tire so he’s not moved about it … I dey my house come n Fight

  2. I just have a problem with you saying most girls. Which one is most Nigerian girls? You people just find an excuse to drag us

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