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Ozo bbnaija housemate

Ozo #bbnaija cringy affection for Nnegi

I explain explicitly reasons why Nnegi could not just fall for our lovely brother Ozo in the big brother house or popular called the #bbnaija lockdown according to Twitter trends. It is no lies the big brother house can make anyone fall in love or have feelings that are not genuine which is termed to be infatuation. We have all seen how people get into the house and proclaim love for one another but do not get together in the real world.

We all know Nengi has given her reasons as to why she cannot date the handsome Ozo. She made this known from the onset of the show. Despite all the warnings and heeding from Nnegi it seems it has all fallen onto deaf ears. Ozo is not giving up and hopes of chasing Nnegi. The way he went about it and been all up in her space is cringe worthy to some of of us viewers. The Ozone shippers do not find this cringe worthy anyways because they feel it should be the next relationship in the #bbnaija house that should be compared to what Erica and kiddawaya share. Let me know if you agree with me or are you an ozone shipper?

Do you think there is a future for ozone shippers outside the house? Is there nothing wrong with how Ozo in the big brother house went about wooing Nnegi? Or you agree no man should chase a woman the same way ozoemena did. Let me know in the comment.

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