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Agonizing Feminists listens to Tegaski blurt he believes in Patriarchy podcast

Tegaski talks about his believes in patriarchy

Talk da Talk features Tegaski. Tegaski believes in patriarchy. Patriarchy has domainated the society for a long time and it is always going to be here to stay ~ Tegaski

Episode 1


Talk da Talk podcaster scouted through to get a supporter of patriarchy.I found Tegaski , who gives listeners the reasons why he believes in patriarchy. As a guest speaker on the pod, he talks about understanding of what feminism is the main focus of this episode. Talk da talk podcaster , Favour lemah explains the reasons why the feminism movement is crucial. She explains the fight is not against men in general but against misogynistic men. Favour Lemah dialogues with Tegaski on his believes in patriarchy to in a quest to understand his stand.  

However, Tegaski  defends believes in patriarchy and tells listeners that it is only logical to reason that male dominance is going to forever be the norm in today’s society. We could not also ignore gender roles in patriarchal society. Lets know your thoughts. Do you believe in Patriarchy? Do you agree with Tegaski? Drop your Comment!

Reasons why he believes in patriarchy

Tegaski agrees that he believes in fairness among sexes but not feminism but still believes in patriarchy due to the benefit  of male dominance. However he is convinced by Twitter rants by most feminist that they have an unexplainable feeling of  hate for  men. He claims feminism and patriarchy is going to be at logger heads for a long time due to the benefits if male dominance to the society especiallyin a working envirinment. Due to the feminist of this age prefer to be twitter feminist than actually take actions. “Most of the twitter feminist do it for clout’ – Tegaski .Listen, Login amd  drop comments.

The final episode on patriarchy definition with Tegaski , he talks on how feminist have an aura of superiority complex in their character .  It portrays Nigerian feminist as noisemakers  therefore making look like they are radical women. The reaction of these radical women to patriarchy makes men perceive them as people who are difficult to deal with or date. Men have issues dating a feminist. Don’t forget to drop your comments to tell us what you think.

10 thoughts on “Agonizing Feminists listens to Tegaski blurt he believes in Patriarchy podcast”

    1. We are saying that the African culture has succeeded in telling women that the men are the head and we are the neck.That is what we are tired of

  1. Tegaski you’re the man?..Those ladies, cos I know not all ladies are into digging out old uncleared story..Thank you for making it clear for them ??

  2. The idea of equality between male and female won’t work. This is not in line with the underlying principles of the planet. It’s an idea humanity has tried so hard to figure out.

    What could work is equity. Equity isn’t equality, it’s fairness. So anyone with right analytical and critical thinking skills can fit into any role. This could be a man or a woman. No role is automatically designated for any gender, however, for some roles, a certain gender might be a better fit due to their demonstrated capabilities.

    Sometimes a man is better suited for the job than a lady, because he’s willing to relocate with his family to wherever the job takes him, but a woman can’t. Some other roles are better suited for a lady, because she has demonstrated an unwavering focus on any task assigned to her without being easily distracted.

    In both cases, the job goes to the better person, but saying because I’ve 10 men on the board of directors, I must have 10 women as well to balance it can’t work. Ko le work. The board of directors will consist of those with demonstrated capabilities irrespective of gender.

    Now, let me talk about sports, you see, people say male and female athlete should be paid equally. In business, you get what you bring to the table. Let me explain, look at the FIFA World Cup, the male version generates a lot of revenue, stadiums are usually full, TV rights, adverts revenue, tremendous amount of money, it’s only fair that you pay the athletes a corresponding value of their effort, but the female tournaments don’t generate half as much revenue as the male tournament, yet you want to get equal pay, how now, when it’s not a charity organization.

    1. Valid point but are we going to turn a blind eye to women who are not paid their worth just because of their gender and not basically because of the amount of revenue they generate. Lets not assume that this happens only in sports but also in the entertainment industry. Tiwa savage is more of a big artiste like wizkid. She came out once to complain about not being paid as equal to her male counterparts.These things really do exist. Patriarchy has eaten deep into the system therby making people justify injustice against women.

  3. Good points..But I will say they should keep fighting, If no one had the courage to start the fight for equality back then we won’t know they are this mind blowing

    1. I agree with you. Most people tend to bring down feminist without acknowledging the courage it takes to stand up against Patriarchal system.Thank you!

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