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Ola's view on lekki genocide

Nigerian Feminist are noisemakers ~ Oladokun Osunbote

Episode 1

Talk da Talk brings on a very controversial speaker ,Oladokun Osunbote who doesn’t believe in today’s Feminism gospel. Ola believes Nigerian Feminist are noisemakers. They have no true cause to fight for equality in the present day Nigeria. He tells the listeners that the Nigerian constitution does not discriminate against women therefore “what are feminists fighting for?” He strongly believes the fight for gender equality is irrelevant in today’s society. The government supports women to be in power and places of authority.

Episode 2

Talk da Talk host, Favour Lemah discuss with Ola reasons why feminist are needed in Nigeria and still the need for women empowerment. Ola takes his stand that Feminist still discriminate when it comes to gender roles in today’s society.. He implies that the Nigerian Feminist are noisemakers because when it comes to the real deal they are nowhere to be found.

Episode 3

Ola says Feminist try to justify neglecting the role of motherhood for their careers. He tells listeners that he thinks the fight for gender equality is irrelevant. He says gender is the reason why people pay for bride price in this part of the world. “If they want to fight for gender equality, which he claims is irrelevant, “women should pay the groom price”, -Ola .

14 thoughts on “Nigerian Feminist are noisemakers ~ Oladokun Osunbote”

    1. if you listened through you’d realized I spoke for women too…. it is wrong for a guy to force any ideology on you…. I do not stand for any form of discrimination… racial, justice, gender

      nonetheless we are in a capitalist world and we will not shortchange performance or results for any other thing simply because a class of people feel trampled upon, if anyone tramples on you I simply suggest you reciprocate back in actions not words

  1. “Feminism is not gender rivalry; feminism is not gender competitiveness; it is not gender war. It is not even gender-equality. Feminism is gender visibility.
    “Stop shouting that women are not respected. If you make money as a woman, men would respect you.” Says
    Apostle Johnson Suleiman

    Women are not created to be overridden but as help meet. The problem is most men don’t like it when their wives has a better life than them, they feel subdued.

    The fact is, the training parents inculcate in male children from birth contributes a lot. From birth, man has been trained to be superior over his woman while women are trained as a material (i.e wife material) this is the beginning of gender discrimination. The birth of a male child is celebrated than the female child. Even mother-in-laws don’t feel good when their daughter-in-laws are more prosperous than their sons .
    Women can only break this jinx with hard work and make MONEY as the Apostle said.

    Hear me and hear me well in this century, only women that make money can overcome the challenges of feminism that our “Parent” not the society has caused for the female gender.

  2. I’m in total support of Ola in this matter. Most of the so called feminist have gotten it twisted and wrong arguing always blindly and like idiots am sorry to say.

    1. Not necessarily idiots…lool, people can believe in what they want or what they have conviction about…. Just don’t force feminism on your guy as much as you don’t want patriarchy forced on you….

    2. I can agree with you that some “so called feminist” have got it all wrong. The problem is some are clout chasing and others are misinformed on what feminism stands for

  3. Most Nigerian feminists are fighting for equality, but it is unnecessary because equality can never be achieved.
    As Olah said, our chromosomes are different and that is where the inequality begins.
    The struggle should rather be about equity and fairness and not about “What a man can do a woman can do”
    Some females just want their voices to be heard as a way of showing off.

    1. I believe Equality can be achieved in all aspects of life and Feminists need to keep on fighting. If the likes of Fela’s mom was intimidated when women were not allowed to drive then Nigerian women will probably still be battling with that issue.

    2. @StillBayo God bless you sir, Our chromosomes is the beginning of our inequality… I have never seen it from that point before….

  4. Every man should let their woman be productive and if you feel challenged about your wife’s money then you get it all wrong..Don’t ever let your society or environment be in control

    1. @IBKMICHAEL I clearly stated that in the interview that I dont have a problem with my wife being successful than me infact I would feel relieved me as the burden of bread winning will not kill me before my time…lol… and about society be in control is my other point, both feminism and patriarchy should not be enforced on any one as they are both societal concepts

  5. I totally agree with Mr Ola. The original concept of feminism was created to support women rights and equity but this concept has been flawed by Nigerian Feminists with unnecessary ideas.

    Most Nigerian feminists are very bitter individuals who hide under the guise of feminism to attack the image of men in the society. It’s very sad that a set of people would just decide to hate a particular gender. That’s pathetic

  6. And by the way, if a lady decides to live based on the flawed ideology of Nigerian feminism, she’s free to ( people are free to make wrong life choices lol) but trying to force that ideology on other people is another very pathetic thing to do. Trying to force your ideology on people is what makes them Noisemakers

    If you can’t live with a man peaceful without trying to force your idea of feminism on him, please by all means stay alone, instead of being a bitter individual.

    Just as Mr Ola said, we love women. Especially me ehn. I love women.
    Let’s not spread hate, let’s spread love

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