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why i am a feminist~ Francisisca

What is Feminism on Talk da Talk~ Francisca

Episode 1

Talk da Talk host Favour Lemah invites a guest speaker, Francisca a Feminist. We discuss “what is feminism” in today’s world. She gives her reasons for supporting the feminist movement. Meanwhile, Francisca emphasizes on how Twitter famous feminist have given feminist a bad name by clout chasing. This has made people forget what it truly stands for. “Most people don’t know who is a feminist” – Francisca. We discuss the double standards against women and rape cases. Listen now to this episode

Episode 2

This episode with Francisca, she says women who do not claim to be feminist really do not want to stop benefiting from men. However, the society has constructed women to believe they need to be dependent on men to survive. Favour Lemah asks series of questions on the stereotypes people have against Feminist. However, the stereotype belief that women who believe in feminism are mainly educated or intellectual women . She makes it out rightly clear to listeners that Feminism stands for equality and not women superiority. Drop your comments if you agree with Francisca.

Episode 3

Favour Lemah discuss the views of previous guest on the show with Francisca. Listen to Nigerian Feminist are noisemakers series with Oladokun Osunbote and Feminism and Patriarchy series with Tegaski for better understanding of this episode. Previous episode, Ola’s disagreement with feminist was that they were not needed in the country. This is because Nigeria has no laws against women aspiring to power. In recognition to that Francisca educates listeners and previous guests on the importance of Feminist in Nigeria. “Nigeria can be a role model to countries like Saudi Arabia’ – Francisca. Listen now to Francisca explain “Who is a feminist” and subscribe to drop your comments.  

4 thoughts on “What is Feminism on Talk da Talk~ Francisca”

  1. People needs to know more about feminism and I’m glad you are really doing a great job..There is this believe that a woman can’t head some positions in this country but with the exposure anything can happen I believe.if a man can do good a woman can too

    1. @ibkmicheal thank you for your valid point. The problem is the fact that people want to ignore the fact that even though women are allowed by law to head some positions in reality it is not the case. Women experience this everyday in all fields. Just imagine a female driver in the midst of male drivers in Nigeria. The bullying and offensive remarks she would face from them.

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