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9girl codes every Lady should know. Host: Favour Lemah featuring guest speaker Faith Lemah

9 Girl code Every Lady Should know in 2020

Episode 1

Talk da Talk podcast gives 9 girl codes every lady should know in 2020. Favour Lemah, host features guest speaker, Faith. Faith explains what the girl code means for all Ladies. “The girl codes is all about women supporting women” ,- Faith. These are important lady rules every woman needs to know. During the show we asked different questions pertaining to things that could breach the girl code especially emphasis as well as insights on dating. Let us know if some of these girl codes feel right with you and leave a reply. Listen to this Episode now.

Episode 2

This episode talks about the basic dating rules ladies should abide by. She emphasizes on why ladies should not breach the girl code as this is a proof of real friendship goals. Faith talks about the importance of girls hyping up their friends to build self esteem. Likewise, women should not spill their friends bad habit in the presence of the opposite sex. Moreover, females need to learn that supporting their female friends business in every little way is important. However, this is a sign of a good girl friend. She says a friend who does not support your business does not want your success. Listen to this podcast and send to your friends to educate them.

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