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What is sexual assault ? with Ola on Talk da Talk

Episode 1

“What is sexual assault?” a dialogue with Ola on the show. We discussed what exactly is sexual abuse? The rudiments of sexual assault and elaborated more on the term “micro-aggression”. Ola believes women misuse this term for the purpose of sexual assault. “Women do not know how to take jokes anymore” -he says. Hence, argues not to be misunderstood towards his stand against sexual assault. Hence, the famous cliché ‘rapist should be castrated’ . The cliché does not tend to sit well with my guest speaker. Listen now and drop comment.

Episode 2

On this episode , I define the various types of assault recognized in the world. I make an example of cat-calling by market men. My guest defends the market men who are fond of cat calling women in the market. In as much as they do not commit a crime. The market men are only interested in the money in your hands and so women should not worry. In conclusion, I could not have missed victim shaming in society. However, I disagreed that the men are aware of their words and their actions proves otherwise. I would love to know if you agree with some of the points made by my guest. Make it known in the comments.

Episode 3

This episode entails the different types of sexual assault statistics. Examples are child sexual abuse (abusing a child for sexual pleasures). Groping (fondling, grabbing or touching someone sexually without consent. Domestic violence harassments (this occurs in marriage or co-habitation). Elderly sexual assault (which occurs among older people within the age of 65 or older ). Finally, Rape (sexual intercourse carried out without the person’s consent). In addition, I give the assault statistics and effect on society. However, I would love to know if you have opposing views to the podcast. Listen now.

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