What is sexual assault ? with Ola on Talk da Talk

Episode 1

My guest speaker, Ola, a frequent guest on the show joined us to discuss, what is sexual assault? We talk on the rudiments of sexual assault and chose to elaborate more on the term “micro-aggression”. Ola believes women misuse this term for the purpose of sexual assault. “Women just do not know how to take jokes anymore” – Ola. Hence, Ola argues not to be misunderstood on his stand against sexual assault. Thus, the famous clich√© ‘rapist should be castrated’ does not tend to sit well with my guest speaker. To know why Listen now.

Episode 2

Favour Lemah, host gives the definition of the types of assault recognized in the world. Ola makes it clear that most market Igbo men who are fond of cat calling mostly women in the market do not commit a crime. “They are interested in the money in your hands ” – Ola. However, we agree to this disagree that this men are aware of their actions and the words they say proves otherwise. Do you agree with some of the points made by my guest and I ? Let us know in the comment.

Episode 3

Talk da Talk host, Favour Lemah breaks down the different types of sexual assault such as child sexual abuse (abusing a child for sexual pleasures), groping (fondling, grabbing or touching someone sexually without consent), domestic violence harassments (this occurs in marriage or co-habitation), elderly sexual assault (which occurs among older people within the age of 65 or older ) and Rape (sexual intercourse carried out without the person’s consent). Listen now

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