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social media wahala



Watch us on YouTube talk about social media wahala. The video is about seven minutes long. I also dialogue the good and bad of social media Instagram celebrities. I explain how I got blocked online on Instagram by a popular Instagram icon “Joro“. Have you ever been blocked by a celebrity?

In the vlog, you see my guest and I eating and chatting away. Its all fun and cruise and we ask guest not to be distracted by our meals. My guest Elekima Glory joins me to catch the fun and cruise This is due of to the lateness of my social media manager and makeup artist.

“Is it not surprising that most trolls are asking for giveaway?” – Glory asks. They even go as far as opening several accounts to troll. She drops it juicy and hot.

In addition, Glory has been an ardent guest on talk da talk podcast. Despite this happens to be the first vlog with Glory Elekima she has featured on previous podcasts in the past. In the mean time, listen to 6 Insights on Nigerians dating Nigerians and Analyzing blue therapy to catch cruise. Drop your comments to get a response from us.

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