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Episode 5 Talk da Talk podcast Podcaster – Favour Lemah Guest speaker – Oladokun Osunbote Title- Why you cant get Prince charming

sexual assault

Episode 1 “What is sexual assault?” a dialogue with Ola on the show. We discussed what exactly is sexual abuse? The rudiments of sexual assault and elaborated more on the term “micro-aggression”. Ola believes women misuse this term for the purpose of sexual assault. “Women do not know how to take jokes anymore” -he says. …

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end sars

Episode 1 End sars lekki genocide. I invite a guest speaker, Ola to speak on his views at Lekki toll gate on the 20th of October, 2020. Ola in his words says “The government thinks we are a joke”. We talk about the social media bill , Lai Mohammed and Tinubu which were the major …

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Ola's view on lekki genocide

Episode 1 Talk da Talk brings on a very controversial speaker ,Oladokun Osunbote who doesn’t believe in today’s Feminism gospel. Ola believes Nigerian Feminist are noisemakers. They have no true cause to fight for equality in the present day Nigeria. He tells the listeners that the Nigerian constitution does not discriminate against women therefore “what …

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Episode 1 My phone was stolen by Virgin Atlantic Can Nigerian men be faithful? hmmmm. This pod is a long one with a lot of subsequent episodes. It is in response to Ola’s podcast on Dating life of Nigerians talking about how a man being unfaithful is not infidelity unless he tries to replace you …

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Episode 1 Should women settle in finding a good partner for a relationship. The pressure on women that they have to settle for anyone who comes their way due to the fact that they are growing older. The reason why women should not settle in relationships is the motion Mary, Ola and I discuss on …

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