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dowen college death

Dowen college death

Episode 1

Dowen college death is nothing to write home looking at how the school is handling the case. Bullying is an unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Talk da Talk host, Favour Lemah narrates the scenario around the death of 12-year old Sylvester, a victim of bullying. Besides, it could be avoided but it wasn’t. Who are the main people to blame in the cause of his death. The five students who perpetuated the act have not be summoned. Likewise, Justice is yet to be served and this is what outrages the masses.

Episode 2

Dowen college death

The dowen college death crisis is still ongoing whereby internet celebrity friends decides to troll themselves on the internet. This episode victims of bullying happen to be the cross dresser Bobrisky and the his best friend Tonto Dike. Also, there are people that are being dragged into the mess. These are the popular Instagram twerker, Janemena and politician Kpokpogiri who are victims of this bullying. As a result, a leaked sex tape was sent to the blogs. Likewise, the billionaire Mompha and the actress Anita Joseph have had their names are mentioned in this hot mess.

Episode 3

Say no to bullying sounds like an impossible slogan to fight in Nigeria. Dowen college death is not news anymore as other parents have come out to speak about the recent deaths in the school. I discuss how the five children who were involved in the death of Sylvester have been absolved from murder charges. The new autopsy shows that he died from natural causes despite the former autopsy proving he was murdered.


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