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how to avoid urgent 2k billings

How to avoid urgent 2k billings podcast

Episode 1

Talk da Talk, podcaster invites a new guest to the show. He happens to be an advocate for guys who have been victims of the urgent 2k billing. My guest Owolabi Williams says nothing vexes him more than the famous term “I go bill you today” . I had to ask my guest “if a lady asks for urgent 2k does it mean she is broke?”. Nevertheless , begging or “billing” is something almost everyone of us has done at some point in life. Even though we all know there are exceptions because there are people who take billing to the next level.

This people are willing to relieve their responsibilities on friends and family. My guest and I touch the nitty gritty on how to avoid urgent 2k in this podcast.

Episode 2

How to avoid urgent 2k billings with Goroso

Instagram sensation, Goroekiti dialogues with podcaster, Fvaour Lemah on how to avoid urgent 2k billings. After spilling ways on to avoid urgent 2k billings, I asked Gorosoekiti if he was taking his own advice. Goroso being a humorous being said he was trying to fight them off but it was not easy. He went on to share his experience on how to avoid urgent 2k billings and how avoiding these billings have now become a daily activity. He also talks about how it affects day to day life activities.


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