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Lekki Genocide ~ Oladokun osunbote

Episode 1

Ola gives us his views on the Lekki genocide which happened on the 20th of October, 2020. Ola in his words says “The government thinks we are a joke”. We talk about the social media bill , Lai Mohammed and Tinubu which were the major highlights of the End sars protest. Meanwhile, Ola doesn’t beleive Tinubu could have been callous to kill the citizens of Lagos state who went to protest at the lekki tollgate. Not only does he share the same anger for the Nigerian government but also for Feminism. Listen now

Episode 2

Talk da Talk guest speaker , Ola talks on how the military rulers of Nigeria made things work back in the days. “Nigerians saying they have freedom is a bloody scam” -Ola. Moreover, he proposes that the corrupt leaders should be granted amnesty so they can come togeher to build infrastructures for the country. This can be a legit way to clean their money and also help build the economy. Not only did I ask my guest about the role the Nigerian army played during the lekki genocide. Also, the blatant lies the army gave to the general public of not being present on the crime scene during the massacre. Do you agree with Ola’s views?

Episode 3

The killings of innocent citizens at the lekki toll gate by the Nigerian Army is beyond alarming. My guest,Oladokun osunbote talks about CNN video footage. Ola believes evidence of the killings is still nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, people who claimed to have lost their loved ones to the massacre, tweeted few days after that he never lost brother. No one has come on National TV to complain about losing a loved one. Thererfore,making CNN video footage arguably believeable. Listen to full podcast.

5 thoughts on “Lekki Genocide ~ Oladokun osunbote”

  1. I heard so much on Tinubu being innocent than the protest cause. One man runs Lagos. Someone ordered the Lekki roll gate shooting in Lagos. No one can be ruled out. For all we know the present administration in Lagos knew about the shooting and we know who is in charge of the Lagos state administration. Thank you.

    1. @Amos, very very true no one can be ruled out.. this is just one man’s opinion… I just think blaming Tinubu is what that wanted us to believe… Just like that have been writing the script for us all these years….

  2. I met an official with the army in FCT who from his explanation seemed to be saying it was one ‘jagaban’ somewhere that ordered those military men, and the guys too didn’t get the rules of engagement clear..
    That they’ll court martial him but never expose him… thankfully the President is a military man so he understands their code, that’s why he’s silent on it too. I pray everyone heals, and I pray everyone learns.

    1. One sometimes have to form an opinion about these things… for all we know, we might all be wrong on how the whole thing went down… few things are clear, there was shooting and people died…

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