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can a prostitute be a wife

Can a Prostitute be a wife?

Episode 1

The first guest speaker to speak on the show is Tegaski. Tegaski has given listeners everything they need to know on the bro code and why he believes patriarchy will always beat feminism. Tegaski believes a prostitute being a good wife is dependent on the reason why she went into prostituition in the first place. “Women prostitute for different reasons” – Tegaski. He talks about trust and something called moral packaging of prostituition. Not only did Tegaski answer our topic question but also explains what it means to be a prostitute.

Episode 2

Talk da Talk podcast has Tegaski and Hadash (a guest featured on Erica’s character in the big brother house ) . Tegaski argues that there are times families go through hard times and its almost inevitable to trust a wife who has had a past of being a prostitute. Hadash sat on the fence but went along to say a woman who prostituted herself to go to school should not be judged. However, my guests and I discuss Regina Daniels marriage to her billionaire husband as an example. Also, the role money plays in relationships. Drop your comments

Episode 3

A new guest speaker , Mayowa featured on this episode with Hadash to deliberate if a prostitute could make a good wife. The definition of a good wife definition was taken from the internet. I asked my guest, Mayowa to tell listeners what it meant to be a good wife. Hadash believes a woman who has been with different men and a sex worker should be judged differently. We take for example, famous porn star Mia Khalifa who recently got married. Mayowa thinks she would make a good wife. Would she be a good wife? What are your thoughts? Listen now

4 thoughts on “Can a Prostitute be a wife?”

  1. Prostitute can make a good wife because one is born as a prostitute …it due to some life stress that why many of them go into a prostitution

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