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should i change my religion for my partner podcast

Should I Change my religion for my partner?

Episode 1

Should I change my religion for my partner? Does it not sound like desperation? or is it love? Would you change your religion for your partner? Raising kids with parents having different religion can affect a child’s view on religion. Most kids end up becoming atheist. “People who change their religion because of marriage do no have a mind of their own” – Favour .

Episode 2

I invited a guest as promised on this episode to share his thoughts. The guest speaker, Ola who has featured on a Christianity as a religion surprisingly says he would never change his religion for his partner. He made claims that the love of his life should not stop him or anyone from experiencing eternal life. I had to ask if the love he had for his partner was not enough for him to want her to be with him in the after-life.

Episode 3

Ola and I talk about the effect of religion on the kids growing up as adults and the confusion that comes with families having more than one religion. We argue if religion should be given the credit of a moral compass in training kids or a conscience.

Episode 4

The guest speaker, Ola gives tips on how to manage a marriage or relationship with different beliefs. He talks about how much power women possess to convert their families to one religion. He says that women should not try and force their husbands to convert into their religion as this ca come off as alpha male energy and cause fights in marriages.


3 thoughts on “Should I Change my religion for my partner?”

  1. Man, to start with, I’m not religious. I think people should find their spiritual path and stick with it. Don’t think anyone should change theirs for another except you’ve discovered something of benefit you.

    Moreover, I’ve seen couples with 2 different religious views living happily together. I’m not sure on how they raise their kids, but the kids will eventually choose what they want in life later. I love the tolerance and respect I see amongst these couples.

    1. Amos you just hit the nail on the head… it will be a pickle in the jar raising their kids. Am not saying it impossible or not practicable…. but that’s the issue right there… KIDS.

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