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Should Women Settle When Finding a partner?

Episode 1

Should women settle in finding a good partner for a relationship. The pressure on women that they have to settle for anyone who comes their way due to the fact that they are growing older. The reason why women should not settle in relationships is the motion Mary, Ola and I discuss on this episode. Mary believes that dating below your standard make men cocky and lose value for the woman they never deserved.

Episode 2

We focus on the which gender is more logical while debating if women should settle. Ola argues that the cause of most problems in the world started because a woman is one way or the other behind it. He cites the TROY Greek mythology which resulted to a brawl when he claimed that woman might have been one way or the other behind the world war. He comes to this theology because he believes that women have strong influences on their male counterpart. Mary comes hot for Ola on this pod and could not wait to dish it hot. Listen Now

Episode 3

Here, Mary finally concedes and tells women to just settle because there is no hope in the humanity of men. We cannot expect men to be more logical than women. Ola backs his claims with history and how most men have been on the fore front making logical decisions. “Most illogical decisions made by men in the past and workplaces have always been influenced by women” – Ola.

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