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mercy aigbe

Mercy aigbe scandal

Episode 1

This would not be the first time mercy aigbe would be involved in a marriage scandal. Most people tend to blame the woman when it takes two to tango. Mercy aigbe’s newly found boo Adekaaz, who is an Alhaji seemed to have tied the knot. A lot of people throwing tantrums at her on how women are scum. Legal tender seems to be against mercy’s actions in this story. Meanwhile, Favour Lemah thinks both parties had a part to play in the failure of their marriages. Listen now to Legal Tender, a new guest talk about the selfishness of mercy aigbe scandal.

Episode 2

My guest speaker, Legal tender says he does not really blame Adekaaz for having a side chic but marrying a side chic is not right. Most men cheat, according to his perspective because their wives or partners are not feeling or giving their husbands the sexy vibes. This could be caused by women being on their menstrual periods most times. Legal tender argues with me that marrying your best friends wife is arguably not love but wickedness. I believe Adeekaz must really love mercy aigbe to make her wife.

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