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how to deal with a breakup

Discover how to deal with a breakup with Tegaski


Watch podcast on how to handle a breakup with guest speaker, Tegaski. At one point in time, you and I has either being served breakfast or we served someone else’s breakfast. Breakfast is a popularly known term for breakup in today’s generation. Watch a short snippet talking on how to handle a breakup.

How to deal with a breakup podcast

Episode 1

Learn ways on how to deal with a breakup with Tegaski. Today’s generation dating game is quite different from the millennials. Dealing with breakup has been termed is “breakfast“. We use personal life experiences to tell the do’s and dont’s on dealing with a breakup. Tegaski sticks with the bro code and tries not to divulge too much on how guys deal with a breakup. But trust me to squeeze that information out of him.

Episode 2

This is a pod on how to deal with a breakup. Tegaski and I focuses on the importance of self love. The reasons why we all need to build each others self esteem. Mostly ladies because it helps us avoid situation-ships and marital problems. We talk about the key qualities ugly people should possess to boost their confidence and self worth. The basis of insecurities and how to embrace them.

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