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How to play Politics

Episode 1

A new guest speaker, Esedere Abraham popularly known as Father AB, discuss How to play Politics. He gives listeners major tips and the correct mindset to go into politics. Hence, he explains his political journey to listeners. For that reason how he has been able to win past elections. Therefore, Esedere Abraham believes that having the mindset to help others is the major key to success as a leader. Moreover, we talk about the power that comes with politics . Also, on how it changes people. Listen now

Episode 2

Talk da Talk guest speaker, Esedere gives perspective on how to play politics. “A good politician should have a bit of sanguine and choleric qualities”. Sanguine and Choleric qualities which was explained in the famous book, why you act the way you do by popular author ,Tim LaHaye. Thus, a major factor called “permutation” is essential to any aspirant on how to win an election for a political post. As a result “there are always stake holders in any organization or society” – Esedere (also known as Father Ab). However, this people understand how to play politics to put you in power. Listen now

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