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dubai porta potty stories

3 Crazy Dubai porta potty stories

Episode 1

The crazy things that people do for money from dubai porthas left us at Talk da Talk dumbfounded. Let’s talk about porta potty dubai video on this segment. I have a guest speaker, Faith who has featured on previous podcast such as girl code, new year resolution, bbnaija series. I share the stories and meaning of coined words in the porta potty industry such as “golden shower”. Listen now to Dubai porta potty stories.

Dubai porta potty stories

Episode 2

After hearing the stories of the porta potty in Dubai from the previous episode. Ola, a regular on the pod, joined me for this session. Here, we discuss a variety of bizarre activities carried out by people, worldwide in order to get money. Not to mention, the cutting and sale of toes in Zimbabwe is trending news. It so happens that the males are shaving off the tips of their toes for a whopping $6000 on this episode.


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