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9 reasons why abandon jealous single friends after marriage?

why do people abandon their jealous single friends after marriage

Episode 1

Why abandon jealous single friends after marriage? Have you ever wondered why people abandon their single friends after marriage? My guest speaker on the show is Oreoluwa Odutayo who gives us reason why she would cut off some friends after marriage. She also speaks on the reasons people do cut friends off and the necessities.

Episode 2

We all know men do not cut of their friends after marriage. Most women have always felt the need to abandon their jealous single friends. Most times the single friends might not even show signs of jealousy but they are still considered a threat to their marriage. Why do women always feel the need to abandon single friends after marriage? Although, personally my thoughts on cutting off my friends because I am married only stands when the friend in question poses as a threat to my union.


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