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Nigerian Ladies react to the Tinder Swindler

Episode 1

Tinder swindler documentary on Netflix has shocked the world but mostly Nigerian ladies. My guest, Mary Abimbola gives her unfiltered opinion on talk da talk podcast as a Nigerian. Also, most Nigerian ladies would not fall for such emotional con tactics. Listen to us breakdown the story on how he was successfully able to scam these women.

Episode 2

Listen to two Nigerian ladies react to the tinder swindler, Simon Leveiv tactics. Talk da Talk guest, Mary Abimbola explains the term love bombing which is a very known love language used by emotional con artist to scam women. There are so many things to learn from the twitter swindler who’s main target is women. This scammer goes on to prove the podcast “men are scum

Episode 3

Mary abimbola narrates her experience with an Igbo guy, a scammer who love bombed her while she was a college student. We all know most Nigerian are familiar with the Nigerian scams which could make it difficult to relate with victims of scams. Trying so hard not to victim blame the victims of the tinder swindler due to their foolishness could be quite difficult as a Nigerian.

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