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Shocking Tinder Swindler story

Episode 1

The world, but especially Nigerian women, has been shocked by the Netflix documentary Tinder Swindler. Mary Abimbola, one of my guests, shares her unvarnished views as a Nigerian on the talk da talk podcast. We also discuss how the majority of Nigerian women would not be duped by such emotive con tricks. Listen as we dissect the events behind his successful con of these women.

Nigerian ladies react to Tinder swindler

Episode 2

Realizing that the tinder scammer is still now enjoying his best life is astonishing. Simon Leveiv’s con artistry has made him well-known. Simeon is hired, responds to remarks, and makes club appearances. Mary Abimbola, a guest on Talk da Talk, defines the term “love bombing,” which is a well-known form of love fraud utilized by emotional con artists to defraud women. There are so many things to learn from the twitter swindler who’s main target is women. This scammer goes on to prove the podcast “men are scum

Episode 3

In her account, Mary Abimbola describes how a con artist who claimed to be Igbo love bombed her when she was a college student. We all know that the majority of Nigerians are familiar with local scams, which may make it challenging to sympathize to scam victims. It may be difficult for a Nigerian to try so hard not to victim blame the Tinder scammer’s victims because of their stupidity. With its release of the Tinder Swindler teaser, Netflix appears to have made a star.

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