i experienced police brutality

I experienced Police Brutality ~End Sars

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Episode 1

Talk da talk interviews a protester in Lagos state who has been a victim of Police brutality from SARS. The protester not only has been harassed but also arrested three times by SARS. The SARS officers have a weekly and daily budget of returns to their bosses. This is done by harassing young people in the society. These tasks is something they must all meet up too. As a result, the protester pleads with the government to increase the standard of living of the police. This is the the only solution to police brutality. He goes on to say the government needs to End sars and put an end to police brutality.

Episode 2

Talk da Talk interviews a protester in Ibadan, Oyo state. He narrates his ordeal with SARS operatives and why he fully supports the End sars movement. Moreover, The protester who preferred to remain anonymous says, “The robbers stole my car to escape the crime scene in 2009”. The car was found reported stolen and later on found by special anti robbery squad (SARS).

According to his claim, the SARS operatives charged him the sum of fifty thousand naira to retrieve his car from the station. In fact he contacted the commissioner of police to plead with the SARS officials. However, the efforts were proven to be futile because they were not under the control of the Police.

Again this protester states that the ruthlessness of SARS is as a result of the returns they have to make to their bosses daily an weekly.The guest speaker speaks on police brutality in Nigeria and how they have extorted people of their hard earned money for doing their jobs. Listen now to why you should not relent in the fight to END SARS.

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