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Students do not want school reopening ~ Nnamdi

Students do not want school reopening ~ Nnamdi

Episode 1

Talk da Talk podcast features Nnamdi to speak on the indefinite asuu strike which is the major reason for school reopening. Nnamdi laments on how the Nigerian Students are acting towards the ASUU strike . As well as the lackadaisical attitude most student have towards school reopening. Moreover, some students still blame the pandemic for school not reopening. Nnamdi believes that resumption is not a priority to the Federal government anymore. However, the Lecturers under ASUU are still getting paid despite the long over due strike according to his claims. So why do they have to bother about school reopening. ” They are winning both ways” ~Nnamdi. Leave a reply and let us know if you totally agree with all Nnamdi says Listen now.

Episode 2

This segment has got Nnamdi express his views on how Nigerian youths love living a nice life. However this has made them distracted and complacent with the dilemma of school reopening. Likewise, stating that the strike has prolonged the duration of students in the University. In addition, he laments on how students are getting older than the job age requirement in the country. “The Federal Universities do not create enough revenue for the Federal government”- Nnamdi. He believes this is why they can not listen to the demands of ASUU. Nigeris’s unfavorable labor market bothers Nnamdi as time is no longer on the youth side. Listen now to let us know if you think ASUU would call off the long overdue strike. Do you agree with Nnamdi?

6 thoughts on “Students do not want school reopening ~ Nnamdi”

  1. Well in as much as I agree with home that asuu doesn’t has a vague agenda,the truth is resuming doesn’t make any sense because students won’t be able to cooperate with whatever guideline given,the guidelines won’t even be effective in the first place,imagine lectures in ETF for 100 level students?,schools haven’t resumed anyother place in the world to the best of my knowledge too.And about the salaries they are allowed to clamor for it whether they are working or not, other civil servants have been collecting without working since February

    1. First of all,other countries have been doing e-learning and not keeping their students with no form of learning or progress,and last I heard Canada schools were opening this past weekend…for the past weeks the covid cases have dropped drastically, if you are saying students cnt comply when lecturers or authorities put in guidelines then nothing should have opened at all because markets have opened,political campaigns have started,so what is so particular about universities, yes other workers are getting salary,but they are not on strike,they are not depriving millions of young people a chance to finish school and move on to their next stage of life so it is a different scenerio

  2. I think the corruption thingy in Nigeria is almost impossible to correct. It’s what every social innovator, like myself is trying their best possible means to change. I mean, we call it “corruption” when it doesn’t work in our favour but it is “connection” when it does. That aside, I don’t think ASUU officials are getting paid yet (I’m less current now with the news).
    I don’t think it would be fair to compare school resumption to that of churches. Churches can control the spread of the Covid amongst themselves but public schools like ours can’t. The population would even make it suicidal sef. I don’t think resuming is a good idea. We should rather try to encourage every Nigerian student to prepare themselves for global opportunities. School is important but after school, what next? I think this time should be rather used to build oneself.

    1. Your pointe are valid about corruption,but apart from churches what else is not functioning in nigeria,markets have opened,and I believe markets are harder to control than schools,if lecturers place strict rules,students would comply ,ss3 students have resumed too,political campaigns in ondo and Edo have started with even zero social distancing.if students had the opportunity to have e-learning platforms then it wouldn’t be so bad,but sadly students have been left to rot at home with no plans for us.

  3. ASUU is basically not considerate too. They should consider the fact that many students have been delayed and no one is getting younger. Whatever stuff they have with FG should be resolved amicably so as to let us graduate..

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