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Can we call Tife a Rapist?

Talk da Talk hops on a Twitter controversial couple who have made it to an hashtag. Victor, a guest speaker, says “Sansa’s family is being manipulative and there was no intent of rape”. Listen now to get the whole picture.

4 thoughts on “Can we call Tife a Rapist?”

  1. Using Tea to compare Thrusting is wrong abeg .. if thieves enter house when I dey knack omo I wont stop immediately o ?.. Let me just say dis if you are driving on third mainland bridge with a serious speed and they say stop does d car stop immediately? Well you cantb tell me to stop when I dey enjoy and I will stop immediately sha I will do 2more thrust and see if you will now say continue but if u come dey do like ogbanje I will stop and go an drink water.. Tide might be drunk to notice or maybe like he said that’s how Sansa usually is during sex

  2. As much as I love women because I am a woman,man too are as important what if this girl has had sex with someone else before coming to the guy?abeg oh which woman go just get sore like that ,its very sad that she will go this length ,she practically just destroyed his life because every establish he goes now will always refer to that,his mother could have died,one thing I know for sure is people with these rape cases are too ashamed to come out and even if they do the evidence is always more serious than what is being displayed,this is a case of immature female trying to be relevant because she knows people are always sympathetic with woman…..Our husbands,boyfriends,sons and male species matter too,I just hope she is not lying if she is then its a big shame

    1. I hope she isnt lying too. It would take a cynical person to so such. on the other hand she might not be lying and she is just speaking her truth

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