how to identify an online scam in 2021

How to identify a Scam in 2021

Episode 1

How to identify a scam on Talk da Talk podcast with host , Favour Lemah. I narrate my experience on how I got scammed a day before Valentine. I share tips on the signs I neglected during the scam. This series explains a new type of scam targeted at young women between the ages of 16-23. Scamming a young lady within the age of 16-23 almost sounds absurd? I know right! Nowadays, local and online scammers have left no gender or age group off the hook. Most young women easily fall prey to these things due to naivety and lack of experience on the dangers of this world. Engage the comment section and share your thoughts?

Episode 2

Talk da Talk podcast host, Favour Lemah gives you tricks and tips on how to identify malicious website on the internet in this segment. Likewise, how to research fraudulent companies, shops, online vendors and boutiques. I also tend to give insights on the emotional trauma that comes with being scammed especially as a Nigerian. This episode happens to conclude the experience narrated in the earlier episode on how I got duped through social media. How to identify a scam on the internet is a must listen!

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