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Valentine day special podcast

Episode 1

It is valentine day! I have with me 5 guests. We talk about everything valentine and valentine gift ideas. On this podcast session I have a Q&A session. I start by asking random questions starting from best Valentine day gift ideas received and given. The guests are also asked to narrate the best and worst valentine’s day experience. My guest’s hilarious response and shocking reveal is a must listen. Have you experienced something similar to any of the guests. Or you do not agree with some of the things mentioned in the episode. Don’t hesitate to drop your thoughts and the best and worst Valentine’s Day experience.

Episode 2

Talk da Valentine talk about Valentine’s day gift ideas specifically from women to their partners. The guests speakers talk about the positive and negative emotions and repercussion of valentine quotes and valentine gifts ideas have had on them. Moreover, we talk about faithfulness and the double standards of cheating between men and women in relationships. One of the guest speakers strongly believe women can be scum in relationships. We tried convincing him otherwise. Drop comments if you strongly agree or disagree with our guests.

Episode 3

Valentine is finally here guys! Talk da Valentine with my guests speakers finally comes to an end in this series. The guys talk about everything beautiful and ugly in relationships. They held nothing back in expressing their thoughts towards women valentine gifts and how they handle their relationships. The slogan “Na boyfriend wey remit dey receive” was coined while talking about stingy girlfriends. Have a lovely Valentine’s day. Listen to Dating site in Nigeria, Analyzing Blue therapy casts, What is Rape podcast

Episode 4

Valentine day speacial podcast

The tinder swindler documentary on Netflix has shocked the world but mostly Nigerian ladies. My guest, Mary Abimbola gives her unfiltered opinion on talk da talk podcast as a Nigerian. Also, most Nigerian ladies would not fall for such emotional con tactics. Listen to us breakdown the story on how he was successfully able to scam these women.

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