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Feminism and the Nigerian Culture

Episode 1

Talk da Talk, podcaster introduces her guests, Victor, Adoniz and Oyin . They define their what feminism means according to their perspective growing up in an African setting.

Episode 2

The guest speaker focuses on the abuse the term feminism in Africa. Adoniz however explains why a lot of women believes African men are against feminist.

Episode 3

Favour Lemah, podcaster, directs a question to guest speaker, Adoniz on why women or majorly self proclaiming feminist are selective of situations when it does not favor them.

Episode 4

Victor, guest speaker makes claim that women have benefited mostly from the western culture through feminism over the years. He believes that there is an exaggerated reaction of women who believe in equal rights towards the Nigerian culture.

Episode 5

Oyin dissects on how women who believe in equal rights have managed their homes. In today’s world this opposes to the negative narrative of independent ladies in Nigerian culture.

Episode 6

This episode focuses on the misconception the society has towards feminism and sex. Most people tend to think Feminist have a problem with men and having sex.

3 thoughts on “Feminism and the Nigerian Culture”

  1. Your guest was just contradicting themself the guys I mean they keep using brokers that women will get tired after a day or so well some guys will also get tired but using that is just like giving them a simple example I was their I would have asked them what about the wonderful ladies that persisted and persisted that they where capable of working for NASA that’s the movie behind The hidden Figures .. Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe) they showed that women can also take the hard way and succeed that’s just to counter there argument about the wolf of wall street .. never the less like you guys said most ladies dont know what feminist is all about they just join the crowd to me I feel all what the ladies are fighting for is equal opportunity not to be above men or be in control of men they just dont want to be discriminated but some slay mamas have turned it to dont cook for your husband dont allow him open door for you dont let him protect you which makes it all looks like a joke …me I love an independent woman but when it’s time to change the bulb please allow me I need to do those little things for my Queen thank you

    1. The problem is the lazy slay mamas who have turned feminism to a kitchen and house chores war rather than fighting for its true course. I’m happy you ended it by saying you would do anything for your queen. People need to realize Dating a feminist doesn’t mean you shpuld throwaway the qualities of being a gentleman

    2. My comment is on eposide 6…
      I love these guys… See girls will never understand and i have stopped trying to explain..😁😁… our ovulation is round the clock… My question is this, what is the difference between Nature and Habit. According to one of the speaker man is polygamous by habit not by nature…

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