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music business in Nigeria

Episode 1 The music business card is the bone of contention with new guest speaker, Moral Allen. He speaks to us on the music business. Moral Allen gives listeners everything you need to know about the music business card in Nigeria. Moral started out as a passion for gospel music. This was before finally dived …

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can a prostitute be a wife

Episode 1 The first guest speaker to speak on the show is Tegaski. Tegaski has given listeners everything they need to know on the bro code and why he believes patriarchy will always beat feminism. Tegaski believes a prostitute being a good wife is dependent on the reason why she went into prostituition in the …

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end sars

Episode 1 End sars lekki genocide. I invite a guest speaker, Ola to speak on his views at Lekki toll gate on the 20th of October, 2020. Ola in his words says “The government thinks we are a joke”. We talk about the social media bill , Lai Mohammed and Tinubu which were the major …

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after math of lekki massacre

Episode1 The guest speaker speaking on the affter math of lekki massacre with is Comrade Kikiowo Ayoade. He featured on previous podcast to talk about ASUU Strike 2020. Moreover, he applauds the unity among the youths for coordinating a peaceful and well organized protest. Kikiowo however condemns the act of the Governer of Lagos state …

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men are scum ~oyin

Episode 1 Talk da Talk guest speaker, Oyin a feminist who has featured on previous podcasts like Feminism and Culture and Feminism has a lot of tea to share with us on the popular cliché called men are scum. The cliché has been on the lips of many as some and all can agree to …

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end sars campaign in talk da talk podcast

Episode 1 End sars campaign on Talk da talk podcast. I interview a protester in Lagos state . He happens to be a victim of Police brutality from the SARS division. The protester has not only been harassed but arrested three times by the police. He narrates how the SARS officers have a weekly and …

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women are scum

Episode 1 Listen to Cherish speak on today’s podcast. Cherish has been a guest on Talk da Talk speaking on Erica’s character in the big brother house. We discuss his personal experience with women in the dating game. Meanwhile, Cherish has had his own fair share of scum women and believes not just men deserves …

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Ola's view on lekki genocide

Episode 1 What is Christianity? I bring back a controversial guest speaker Oladokun Osunbote. Ola has been featured on a podcast called Nigerian Feminist are noisemakers. Likewise on this podcast, he makes new claims talking about how Religion possesses more power when it is being practiced in the original dialect when communicating with the deity. …

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Ozo bbnaija housemate

I explain explicitly reasons why Nnegi could not just fall for our lovely brother Ozo in the big brother house or popular called the #bbnaija lockdown according to Twitter trends. It is no lies the big brother house can make anyone fall in love or have feelings that are not genuine which is termed to …

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9girl codes every Lady should know. Host: Favour Lemah featuring guest speaker Faith Lemah

You just have to watch this hilarious sister tag video. She asks me a couple of questions on how well do you know your sister. Let me know if you want more videos like this.

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