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Talk da Talk receives a mail from a fan who says “I’m dating a feminist”, save me. He complains about his relationship with his feminist girlfriend. He says he needs the listeners to let him know if his girlfriend is just being a regular feminist or she is controlling. “My feminist girlfriend seized the tv …

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Episode 1 Talk da Talk podcast starts a vlog. Favour Lemah,host features Victor a scholar. He explains atheism and misotheism. Listen to get the full picture Victor talks about Christainity doctrines which have caused a contreversial uproar in recent times. He talks about paying Tithe and influence of other pagan religions in christainity.

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Talk da Talk hops on a Twitter controversial couple who have made it to an hashtag. Victor, a guest speaker, says “Sansa’s family is being manipulative and there was no intent of rape”. Listen now to get the whole picture.


Feminism and Culture Series 2 Victor claims that women have benefited more from the western culture through feminism over the years. He claims there is an over-reaction of feminist towards culture. Talk da Talk discuss the effect of culture on feminism. My guests are Oyin, a feminist, Victor, and Adoniz. . The guest speaker, Oyin …

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Feminism and the Nigerian Culture Talk da Talk hosts a feminist, Oyin,Victor and Adoniz to discuss on Feminism and how it has afffected the Nigerian  Culture. This episode of  Talk da Talk, I introduce my guest and allow them  explains their definition of feminism in an African setting.. The guest speakers explain how feminism has …

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